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Bath Spa University

Bath Spa University offers pre-degree study, undergraduate degrees and postgraduate degrees in a wide range of programmes. We are a teaching-led university with an emphasis on teaching of the highest quality. In each of our Schools of study there are programmes with outstanding results in sector-wide quality assurance processes.
The University has achieved exceptionally high rankings in national newspaper league tables. Its popularity is growing each year, and in the past five years it has achieved a 40% increase in undergraduate applications.
With around 7,000 students the University is small enough for students to benefit from a supportive and friendly study environment, but large enough to provide excellent facilities and resources. Its campuses are superb.

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Bath Spa University,
Newton Park,
Newton St Loe,
Bath, BA2 9BN, UK.
01223 313 604

+44 (0) 1223 313 604

  • Bath Spa University has several campuses, two of which are exceptionally beautiful and historically significant. They provide a truly inspirational setting in which to study and live, and are well equipped to meet your academic, social and cultural needs.


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